A Financial Planner

can help you simplify financial data

helping you to educate yourself about money, build confidence, and help you take control at a time of great uncertainty.



If you are thinking of separating or you already have, then financial certainty is necessary.

Financial Planners are not just there to provide advice on stocks and bonds but to also provide solutions for your complex situation. To talk about you and what your needs and wants are. Your needs and wants will be different to when you were married and a new strategy for you, can be put in place easily to ensure your new blueprint is clear. It’s important to make your financial decisions before a settlement or negotiations have started as your financials need to be identified so that all your options are considered.


what our clients say

  • I can’t thank Martial and Shauna enough for what they have done to help me. I thought I was living a nightmare until I met them. Life now is so much easier and clearer for me and it’s all thanks to Martial and Shauna. Thank you again xx

    Linnea Anderson QLD
  • After my divorce I didn’t know what I was meant to do. I had 3 small kids, no job and no family around to help. I laid awake each night wondering what my future would look like and what my kids future would look like. Did I have enough money? What if I spent it all? Do I need to go and get a job? It was all too much for me to handle by myself. A friend of mine referred me to Martial and Shauna. After my first appointment with them I felt better about what I was doing. They answered my questions in such a way that I understood what they were talking about and made me feel comfortable about the things I worried about. It’s been six months since I met them and I now know where I’m going and what I’m doing.

    Faina Justin QLD


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